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FenzFoot is the innovative professional for combating unsafe, environmentally harmful and inefficient conditions when securing mobile fences.

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The reality on today's construction sites

Since quite a long time, reports of accidents involving personal injury and damage to property caused by fallen mobile fences have been reported with increasing frequency. The reason for this, however, does not lie with the fence elements themselves, but with the concrete securing feet, that have been used for over 50 years, which are statically not able to secure the wind loads in storms and bad weather conditions. Better results in terms of stability could only be achieved with the complex installation of support struts, connecting clamps and ballasting with several concrete blocks.

The new solution for…


Especially on construction sites, the shielding of public spaces is a major challenge, to mensure reliable protection of pedestrians and road traffic. Unauthorized access to the construction sites must also be prevented, not only to prevent theft. Falling fences and the resulting damage must therefore be avoided at all cost. The weight and the design of the FenzFoot bring the decisive added value for mobile fences to be able to cope with wind and weather challenges and to ensure a safe operation of construction sites.

FenzFoot also offers important arguments for its use in the context of the sustainability empowerment of the industry.


Promoters are responsible for the safe execution of their events and must ensure the safety of their guests and staff. Especially at open-air events, the event site is usually secured with mobile fences, to prevent unauthorized access.

Fences of big sites, that are often several kilometers long challenge promoters, because its proper conditions cannot be constantly monitored. With FenzFoot, promoters and guests can rest assured, that the fences will stay in place and that the event can be carried out safely in the occurance of unexpected weather conditions.

Especially on soft festival soil, the FenzScrews offer an easy-to-install alternative or addition to filling. The FenzLock protection prevents the fences from being lifted out of the foot element by unauthorized individuals.

The New Standard

The New

Innovative Materiality


Advantages of the new mobile fence system

Efficiency and sustainability

In times of scarcity of raw materials and long delivery times but above all dangerous environment issues, is sustainability a central mission of FenzFoot. Therefore, only recycled plastics are used in the production of the safety feet. This way discarded garbage bins, beverage crates and artificial turf find a new area of application and offer a potent raw material to our production, without the need of virgin material.
FenzFoot and its competent partners create long-lasting, high-quality products that are intended to counteract the high level of wear and tear of concrete feet. After attrition, the FenzFoot can be completely returned into the recycling cycle.

Employee relief

The fence erecting staff suffers under the load of the 25 to 35 kg concrete feet.
Back pain and rapid exhaustion are inevitable. With this, exhaustion wear and tear also increases, since proper handling with the conventional safety feet decreases and the concrete blocks break. The way FenzFoot works with its empty weight of only approx. 6 kg relieves the strain, so that erecting the fences becomes more health-friendly and the service provider requires “fewer” staff overall.


The net weight of the FenzFoot of only approx. 6 kg benefits the logistical processes, because transporters can be used effectively and efficiently to capacity before its permissible maximum load is reached.

The status-quo on construction sites around the world: too heavy, unwieldy and not sustainable


The patented FenzFoot™ is Made-in-Germany from 100% unbreakable recycled plastics